Mooshroom Rank

70.00 USD

Package Description


Mooshroom Rank Perks:

Perks Menu Unlocks (/perks):

• Mooshroom Rank Kit (Use /perks in-game to preview kits)

• Mooshroom Lootbox (COMING SOON)

• 3 Permanent Potion Slots

• Tier 4 Random Boost

• Tier 4 Weekly Coins

• Tier 4 Weekly Rune Tomes

• Access to feet, movement, arrow particles, halo, normal, twins, overhead, point, and swords /pp - (custom player particles) 

Other Mooshroom Perks:

• Ability to Bottle XP with /bottle store

• Access to Reset Vaults (move items over to new seasons)

• 6 Rows of /backpack Storage - (inventory that is protected on death)

• Access to /backpack clean - (clears out backpack)

• Access to /backpack sort - (automatically sorts your backpack items )

• $300/hr Playtime Income

• 15 Player Market Listings in /ah

• 100% Sell Price Boost in /shop

• Access to /workbench - (Virtual Portable crafting table)

• Access to /hat - (wear any item as a hat!)

• Access to /sit - (Sit anywhere!)

• Access to /crawl - (You can literally crawl around)

• Access to /lay - (Lay down on your back!)

• Access to /bellyflop - (Lay on your stomach!)

• Access to /ptime - (Change your personal time of day)

• Access to /pweather - (Change your personal weather)

• Access to /enderchest - (Virtual Portable Enderchest)

• Access to /ext - (Extinguish yourself if on fire)

• Access to /disposal(Virtual Portable trash can)

• Access to /condense(Turn ores into blocks)

• Access to /anvil (Virtual Portable Anvil)

• Access to /grindstone (Virtual Portable Grindstone)

• Access to /stonecutter (Virtual Portable Stonecutter)

• Access to /feed (Feed yourself! (20 Minute Cooldown))

• Access to /smithingtable(Virtual Portable Smithing Table)

• Access to /cartographytable (Virtual Portable Cartography Table)

• Access to /repair (Repair any item (12 hour cooldown))

• Access to /loom(Virtual Portable Loom)

• Ability to use RGB  & Minecraft colors in anvils - (#<HEX CODE>)

• Ability to use colored sign text

• Red [Mooshroom] Prefix in chat

• Red username in chat